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A Level Up

Help to individuals discovering who they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. ALU provides training and skills that are a roadmap leading to a life of personal success. ALU helps individuals identify their mission for life and focus on their personal path to find meaning and purpose in life. It is always our goal to ‘teach a man to fish’ so that he will have the skills necessary to live a productive life and make an impact in the lives other.

Opportunities that will allow individuals to discover their abilities, gifts, talents and passions through practical “hands on” experiences that will equip each person, enhance their productivity and assist them in fulfilling their life calling. ALU provides opportunities for individuals to create and cultivate realistic goals with practical steps to achieve their goals. Through our programs and partnerships A Level Up is committed to opening doors that provide hope and needed life skills.

Programs and services designed to help break the cycle of poverty that keeps many people from achieving success in their lives. We provide leadership training, life skills coaching, character enrichment and career development programs that instill qualities and values that are essential for individuals who will have integrity and be self-disciplined leaders who will build better businesses, stronger families, safer communities and impact the world in which they live.

Encouragement to individuals through the seasons of life; to be all they’re created to be and reach their intended destiny. We promote and develop the “I CAN” attitude which builds self-confidence to overcome challenges and succeed in life.


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